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15 Essential Podcasts For The Busy Entrepreneur

For an engaged business owner, there's very little time left to do things like read the news or idly browse websites. As busy as they are, entrepreneurs need to find time to learn the latest news in their industry and in the world of business as a whole. It’s vital if they want to stay relevant and advance their career.

This is where podcasts come in, as a form of media that’s easier to digest -- a busy professional who’s traveling may find a podcast far more accessible than walking around with a broadsheet or magazine. Additionally, podcasts can be a virtually endless supply of fresh information, new ideas and useful advice to help entrepreneurs educate and better themselves. Below, 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council share their favorite podcasts and explain why they should be required listening for all entrepreneurs.

1. Military Transition Stories

It is important to study stories of success. As a veteran who has served, the journey is less traditional than most. Trey Tatro has a podcast called Military Transition Stories. This podcast shares the journeys of veterans who have transitioned into the business world. It gives the small percentage of veteran entrepreneurs an opportunity to read about others with similar beginnings. - Mika Hunter, Female Defender

2. EntreLeadership

A podcast that should be required listening for all entrepreneurs is EntreLeadership Mastering effective leadership skills as an entrepreneur is imperative. Guests include Mark Cuban, Simon Sinek and Daniel Pink, to name a few. The host is Ken Coleman who leads the interviews, bringing out thoughtful insights and helpful advice. An entrepreneur should always be learning and growing. - Elizabeth Ruiz, EAR Enterprises

3. How I Built This

Building a business is tough. You are making decisions constantly with limited information. It makes you wonder, how did others do this? I love How I Built This by Guy Raz because you learn key nuggets from how others walked the path but also wisdom in how they tackled problems as a human being -- how they balanced stress, their team, family and company. You realize how you, too, can do it. - Monica Kang, InnovatorsBox

4. The Entrepreneur Way

With over 1,300 episodes, through The Entrepreneur Way, Neil Ball loves helping people who share his passion for entrepreneurship. In near-daily podcast interviews with active entrepreneurs, he shares stories, successes and challenges. Hearing others’ entrepreneurial stories on Neil's podcast helps other entrepreneurs with their own business lives. - John Knotts, Crosscutter Enterprises

5. Freakonomics

I love the Freakonomics podcast because it has wonderful interviews with "rock star" CEOs, and it is very easy to download the transcripts of each interview so that you can truly capture their words of wisdom. My favorite was a series they did in 2018 called "The Secret Life of a CEO" -- very eye-opening. - Nanette Miner, Ed.D., The Training Doctor, LLC

6. The Mind Your Business Podcast

James Wedmore is a seven-figure online entrepreneur who has built his empire with the belief that the key to success is mindset over strategy. His podcast The Mind Your Business Podcast is fun to listen to and dives into mindset tips and hacks, as well as the business strategy that has helped him build his empire! What more could you want? - Brooke Schultz, Brooke Schultz LLC

7. Akimbo

Sometimes Seth Godin is known as the "marketing guy,” which might seem a narrow topic for an entrepreneur. The Akimbo podcast, however, is much more than marketing. It is futuristic thought on the evolution and shifts in culture, leadership and communication. Any leader who takes the time to listen will realize the messages shared will help expand and improve the way they think and connect. - Christy Geiger MCC, CPCC, Synergy Strategies Coaching & Training

8. The Tim Ferriss Show

One of the best, if not the best, podcast for entrepreneurs is The Tim Ferriss Show. It gives the listener everything you could ever want to grow and learn as an entrepreneur. Tim interviews absolutely great guests. He includes wonderful insight and practical tools that any entrepreneur can add to their tool belt. Everything in his show is wonderful business and an absolute must-listen. - Jon Dwoskin, The Jon Dwoskin Experience

9. Reboot

Entrepreneurs live in a tactical whirlwind of product-market fit, hiring, scaling operations and scores of small decisions which shape their company's culture, whether intentional or not. So we all need to pause, self-reflect and self-challenge to be mindful leaders. Jerry Colonna's podcast Reboot goes deep and personal with profoundly human guests discussing various topics. It restores me. - Sharon Richmond, Richmond Associates Consulting

10. Side Hustle School

For people who want to start their small business, but lack inspiration, I would recommend Side Hustle School by Chris Guillebeau. It shows multiple examples of how to start small, have more than one source of income and still aim big. For coaching entrepreneurs who want to develop their business, there is a great show, Natural Born Coaches by Marc Mawhinney. - Inga Bielińska, Inga Bielinska Coaching Consulting Mentoring

11. What Works

There are so many great podcasts out there that focus on the entrepreneurial journey, but don't talk about what is really working right now for small business. I love that host Tara McMullin brings on diverse guests from multiple industries on her podcast What Works to share exactly what is working for their business. It's incredibly refreshing to hear about these out-of-the-box strategies and approaches to growth. - Racheal Cook, Racheal Cook MBA

12. The Knowledge Project

If you want one podcast filled with mental models -- all of which open new ways to consider how to approach life, decision making, parenting, entrepreneurship and much more, The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish fits the bill perfectly. Shane, a simple and well-prepared host, asks questions and then lets the guests share their wisdom. You will learn something applicable in every episode. Listen and learn! - John Hittler, Evoking Genius

13. Exponential Wisdom

The only way to stay ahead of innovation is to listen to those that continue to have innovative ideas and like to share them. One of my favorite podcasts is Exponential Wisdom with Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan. These two men bring a plethora of knowledge and wisdom to the world, from AI to space and moonshot goals. This is a must-listen in your repertoire of podcasts. - Adriana Rosales, Adriana & Company™ LLC

14. The Angie Lee Show

While The Angie Lee Show focuses on health and wellness, her spunky, fun approach to marketing, sales and how to “date” your client is full of high energy, laughs and real-life stuff that is applicable to any entrepreneur who wants to "not suck at sales." You'll want to grab a pen and paper and be sure to take notes... and be prepared to laugh. Laughing is always good for the entrepreneurial soul. - Jennifer Armstrong, So Simple - Life Coach & Business Consultant

15. The Art Of Charm

Entrepreneurs rely on relationships to grow their business, but the reality is that many people struggle with overcoming the awkwardness of connecting with others. Our intellect may get us hired, but it's our social skills that can get us fired. The Art of Charm is a practical and relevant podcast that provides real tips and strategies to know what to say and how to handle challenging situations. - Maureen Orey, Workplace Learning & Performance Group

Source: This article was initially published on October 25, 2019, on Forbes here.


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