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Building Emotional Intelligence

The ability to manage yourself and your relationships with other people is the hallmark of an emotionally intelligent leader. 


Research shows that emotional intelligence is twice as important as I.Q. or technical skills, for all jobs, at all levels in an



Being able to monitor and channel the emotional data the brain has, gives one a broader expanse of knowledge to use in making decisions, leading people and knowing the best course of action to pursue. 


Emotional intelligence, unlike I.Q., can be developed. 


This interactive, practical workshop, coaching session, or speaker topic, discusses the building blocks of emotional intelligence, the impact it has at work, and specific strategies for developing your emotional intelligence.

Book Elizabeth to present a workshop on helping your team build emotional intelligence and watch your organization make better decisions, lead better, and confidently know the best course of action to pursue in any situation! 

The coaching session, workshop, or speaker engagement is conducted over Zoom, your venue, or in person at our Greenway Plaza offices in Houston, TX.

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