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Women's Leadership Development

Women's Leadership Development training may be booked as a speaker topic, individual coaching session, or a workshop for an organization.

Women of all ages and stages in life are invited to learn, do, and become more.


Learn to Lead at any stage of your career in this session!

Get ready to unlock your full potential. You will learn:


1. Your leadership style and what it means


2. How to communicate with different leadership styles


3. Create your Growth Map


4. Secure a mentor and sponsor


5. Meet established women leaders and hear their inspiring story


6. Hands-on training


7. Breakout sessions for role-playing


8. Public speaking and presentation skills


9. Business and dining etiquette


10. Social media dos and don'ts


11. Professional fashion tips


12. Resume Tips


13. Networking


14. Become empowered


15. Improve and increase self-efficacy


16. Learn how to collaborate with other women


17. Create a growth mindset


18. Learn gender communication


19. Understand crisis and conflict communication techniques


20. Enhance emotional intelligence


21. Learn soft skills


22. Learn diversity and inclusion initiatives


23. Learn about unconscious bias and double bind and how to build awareness of it


24. Learn how to get ready for leadership positions


25. Learn how to ask for what you want


26. Learn and practice interview questions, handshakes, public speaking, and presenting in front of an audience


27. Walk away INSPIRED and Ready to Take Your Seat at The Table Anywhere You Go!


Take your seat now!


These sessions may be conducted at the client's place of business, over Zoom, or at our 100-person classroom at Greenway Plaza in Houston, TX. Travel fees do apply if we travel to you.

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