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Videotaped Interview Coaching

During your interviews, do you get nervous and worked up, which causes you to overthink the questions they are asking and cause you to stumble on your words and what you're trying to say?


Has it been a while since you competitively interviewed for a position and out of practice?


Have you had interviews at some great companies and advanced to the final rounds but haven't been able to close?


In this coaching session, you will prepare for interviews and build confidence - you will master interviews!


How to Answer Any Question and Master Any Interview Coaching Session includes:

-Mock Interview Video Taped for you to watch over and study

-Interview Question Sheet with Answers


Mock Interview Coaching sessions include

  1. coaching on verbal and nonverbal communication.

  2. This is offered over Zoom or in our Greenway Plaza, Houston, TX office.

  3. We begin with a videotaped mock interview session.

  4. Answers and the video are emailed to watch at home.

  5. After watching the video, read the questions and answers.

  6. Practice the proper way to answer until comfortable.

A coaching session is conducted over Zoom, at your location, or in our training room at 24 Greenway Plaza, Houston, TX. Travel fees apply if we travel to you. 

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