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Leadership Lunches
Microlearning at its best

A modern, effective approach to workplace learning that delivers targeted lessons to people in their workflows. Naturally, they learn new behaviors over time.

Three critical components:

1. Single concept learning targeted lessons, meaning as a person, you're learning one new skill, one new behavior at a time.

2. Contextual relevance: we are not taking you out of the job to learn but interweaving it into your workplace so that it makes sense and that you are immediately able to apply what you just learned.

3. Mixed media: Practitioners call it multimodal; we are capitalizing on the best learner emotions, allowing people to be delighted, curious, and engaged with content. We are utilizing video, audio, text, and graphics. All the best things we know to be true to learning.

This is what leadership lunches is. This is microlearning.

251 Workdays in 2024

With 251 workdays per year, Your Leadership Journey is creating 251 different leadership microlearning sessions to listen to during your lunch break where you'll be able to apply what you learned immediately. We created a private forum on this site for discussions and leadership aids, infographics, and handouts to download during the Leadership Microlearning sessions for those enrolled in Leadership Microlearning. We tape the 30-minute daily sessions in our podcast room at our office in Houston, TX. 


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Episode 1

Guest: David Bell, founder of

Topic: Better Conversations Start with Listening

We will explore:

  1. Different ways to listen

  2. Obstacles to listening

  3. Strategies for better listening

A handout is provided in our Forum.

Episode 2

Guest: Amrita Verma, Global Leadership Thought Leader

Topic: Global Leadership and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

We will learn three crucial points: 

1. DEI is Essential in Modern Leadership

2. DEI is Context-Specific and Dynamic

3. Expanding DEI Beyond Human Interactions


A handout is provided in our Forum.

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