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What to Wear for a Job Interview in 2023

As the job market continues to evolve, so does the dress standard expected from job applicants. While the goal remains to look professional and confident, the trends and rules have changed significantly since 2020. So, what should you wear to a job interview in 2023? Let’s look at some tips on how to dress for success.

First Impressions Count - Dress for Success

Though it's often said that clothes don't make the person, dressing appropriately can help make a great first impression during your job interview. A well-pressed suit with a high-quality shirt or blouse is always appropriate, regardless of the field you're interviewing in. If it’s a more casual work environment, try wearing slacks and a blazer instead of an entire suit. The key is to look put together and professional without coming across as too stiff or stuffy.

Classic Colors & Accessories

When choosing colors for your outfit, stick with classic shades like navy blue or charcoal gray—you want an interviewer to focus on your qualifications, not on whether or not they like your wild tie selection! You should also consider keeping accessories simple; if you wear jewelry, keep it minimal and tasteful. In general, less is more regarding accessories; you don’t want anything that will draw too much attention away from your skills and experience.

Accessorize Intelligently & Wear Comfortable Shoes

Finally, pay close attention to shoes when dressing up for an interview—you want something that looks good but is still comfortable enough to stand in throughout the meeting without pain! A good rule of thumb is to select shoes one shade darker than your pants or skirt; this will help create an overall polished and coordinated look.

Source: published initially on USJoblink Blog | USJoblink on January 25, 2023


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