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How Your Leadership Journey Serves You

One on One Sessions

  • We help define, prioritize, and achieve goals.

  • Whether you want to improve your business, career, or personal life, we can help you.

Business Growth

  • We help grow your business.

  • Whether you want to increase revenue, expand your customer base, or improve your marketing strategy, we can help you get there.

Personal and Professional

  • We help develop your personal and professional skills.

  • Whether you want to develop your leadership skillsbecome a better speaker, or give an excellent presentation, we can help you.

Client Reviews
Your Leadership Journey serves various organizations, leaders, and teams.
Testimonials below and on Elizabeth's LinkedIn page under recommendations.

Amanda Nicole-Colvin

Multi-Unit Health and Fitness Leader

"Let me start by saying you need to hire Elizabeth as your coach! She has had a lasting positive impact on my career in just a handful of sessions. She has an amazing ability to shift your mindset while giving you applicable tools that you can use immediately. I am so hopeful for my future with her supporting me."

Teodora Petkova

Content writer. Semantic Web Explorer. PhD in Marketing Communication | MS Creative Writing | BS Classics

"I worked with Elizabeth in the context of my KGC 2023 presentation. Elizabeth is GOLD. Pure gold gently nudging you in the right direction and very very carefully listening to you to help you distill and streamline what you want (or even sometimes don’t know you can) say.
Not only she helped me with my slides, but she also supported me to understand the real value proposition I have to offer with my presentation session which further resulted in several other pieces of communication I created. That is to say that Elizabeth infuses you with enthusiasm and helps you connect with your deepest message."

Beatrice Gamba

Head of Innovation at WordLift

"Elizabeth Ruiz is an outstanding speaking and leadership coach. Elizabeth's expert guidance played a pivotal role in my successful debut as a speaker. Her tailored coaching approach, focused on both speaking and presentation skills, was instrumental in my achievement. Elizabeth's impact goes beyond public speaking, with so many suggestions being given. Every time I have to speak in public or with a client, and whenever I have to produce a presentation, her guidelines are now staples in my management skills. Her commitment to empowering individuals to become effective communicators is truly commendable. I have now contacted her a second time to go over another speaking project and will contact her again, if my professional endeavours will require public speaking."

"Great leaders encourage leadership development by openly developing themselves."

Marshall Goldsmith


Our Story

Elizabeth Ruiz founded Your Leadership Journey, a subsidiary of EAR Enterprises. She is a seasoned strategic business consultant focusing on leadership development, human capital, psychology, wellness, communication, sales, marketing, strategy, change, and growth. 

She started her first business four decades ago and has stayed true to her mission of helping people improve and grow. She has created and led multiple companies, dedicating herself to her mission.


Elizabeth has a razor-sharp focus on how to grow business and develop leaders. She also helps organizations to create a motivating, cohesive, and thriving workplace. 

She provides strategic business solutions and empowers people with the skills they need to drive success in their organization. 


For Elizabeth, helping people and organizations grow is the most rewarding part of consulting.

Elizabeth holds dual master's degrees, an MBA in Management, and a Master of Science in Strategic Communication. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Communication Studies, Summa Cum Laude. 

Elizabeth is currently in a Ph.D. program earning her doctorate in Organizational Leadership. 

Our Culture
Our clients are the reason for our success. For over 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to fulfilling our mission as we serve our clients. Guided by a values-driven work ethic, we continuously develop quality research, frameworks, tools, and services to help improve people and organizations.

Corporate Responsibility

Your Leadership Journey believes we have a responsibility to make a positive difference in our community.  We volunteer, mentor, coach, sponsor and host workshops to first-generation college students, low-income students, domestic violence survivors, and those in need on a case-by-case basis.  We also support animals in need,  and other local nonprofit organizations through fundraising and volunteering.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to help change the world by empowering people, teams, and organizations to learn, do, and become more.

Our mission is to help people, teams, and organizations around the world learn by: 

  • Offering tools and techniques for fine-tuning learning processes to generate maximum value from limited resources.

  • Deliver in ways that speak to a diverse, dispersed, and busy workforce.

Our Values and Brand Promise

Your Leadership Journey embraces a core set of values. These values are known as the YLJ Guarantee. The Your Leadership Journey (YLJ) Guarantee is our commitment to helping people, teams, and organizations around the world work smarter, faster, and with greater confidence with our expertise and services.

Our Workshops and Speaking Topics: 

  • Delivered by experts - we are consultants and subject matter experts, drawing upon best practices and lessons learned for process and performance improvement. 

  • Tailored to your unique needs - we will design your training or workshop to meet your particular challenges and requirements. While our sessions typically take one to three days, we can customize any training to your time constraints and the specific skills you want to learn. 

  • Designed for immediate ROI - our courses are developed for accelerated education. Numerous hands-on activities help participants learn the tools and techniques they can apply to their everyday work the moment they step outside the workshop.

Consulting and Coaching:

  • Trustworthy answers - we will always conduct unbiased research and never compromise the integrity of our data. 

  • Lasting solutions, not quick fixes - Your Leadership Journey focuses on providing long-term solutions that solve current problems and anticipate future needs. 

  • Fearless creativity, structured innovation - we use structured processes to foster and channel creativity. From our open, user-friendly workplace to the unique ways we work with each other and our clients, we generate leading-edge ideas and put them into practice.  

  • Continual learning, sharing, and growth - as the business environment evolves, so does Your Leadership Journey. We have thrived for over three decades because we respect our heritage and embrace new information, new perspectives, and change.

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